Kelly & Brooke, Co-Founders of KellyCanLaunch802, teamed up to create a business that provides busy people a one stop shop to take care of their everyday needs at work and at home.

“We are busy Moms ourselves and understand the desire to work outside of the home, raise kids, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to give our clients more flexibility to do the fun stuff in life, while saving them time & money”.

Kelly & Brooke are passionate about customer service and quality of work. The two are roll-up your sleeve business owners who do what it takes to get the job done.

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Kelly Lilly

Kelly’s original business was KellyCan VT. What started out as helping a friend go through his family’s house room by room to clean out, clean up and re-organize turned into a small business. Kelly creates a great rapport with her clients based on trust and communication. “Spending time in clients houses means I am in their personal space. There becomes a level of trust and camaraderie that allows us to work efficiently, effectively and thoroughly. Oftentimes, a one room project turns into so much more because clients realize the value of a job well done.” Kelly helps clients turn their long overdue ‘To Do’ Lists into ‘Got It Done’ lists.

When not working, Kelly can be found running, snowboarding, playing hockey or spending time with her family. Her two boys keep her on the go with their penchant for activity!

Brooke Mitchell

Brooke’s background includes her role as the Vice President of Product Development at a National Concierge Business based in Boston with offices across the country. As VP, Brooke was responsible for overseeing customer service staff nationally, establishing relationships with service providers throughout the country, and creating new products and services for the company. Prior to joining to that, Brooke spent many years working in the hospitality including everything from marketing positions, overseeing large events, to training restaurant staff. Brooke’s passion for customer service has been a common thread throughout her life.

The love of the mountains and outdoor activities led Brooke and her family to Stowe. Since moving to Vermont Brooke planned the 2014 Jr. National Cross Country Championships, recruited talent and worked as a stylist for a 4 day photo shoot for PB Teen, worked in commercials, and worked with M3Hats in all aspects of their business. On most days you will find Brooke running around in her exercise gear.


Meet the Launchers: What makes KCL802 so unique is the business not only offers a work & lifestyle balance for their clients but also for
the Moms & Dads who work for KCL802, the “launchers”.

“We wanted to create a business platform that gives employees (launchers) an avenue to utilize their skill sets while maintaining a work & life balance themselves.”