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KellyCan Launch802 is an amazing property manager for our home and rental property on Upper Pinnacle Road in Stowe. We rent our 5 bedroom, 5 bath home for short term rentals and it is very busy and successful. One of the reasons is because KellyCan Launch802 makes sure everything is perfect for the renters. They are always thinking two steps ahead of me to make sure we have everything taken care of and they are always willing to help. They are incredibly responsive and always there when I need them. I have received incredible reviews because they make sure the renters are always pleased and makes sure they have everything they need during their stay. I highly recommend KCL802 for property management and to take care of anything you may need for your rental home and your guests!


Kelly and Brooke are nothing short of miracle workers. They have helped me flip my rental property on numerous occasions and their efficiency gets the work done in half the time while maintaining a high level of detail. Their work was so impressive that I swallowed my pride and asked for help in my own home… My disorganized kitchen was the bane of my existence. This daunting task had been hanging over my head for well over a year and within hours they unloaded (and cleaned!) every cabinet, shelf and then some. They worked with me on determining what I use frequently and what could be stored away for those “once in a blue moon” usages. Who knew I had so much space?! They are well organized, work faster than I ever could have imagined and all-in-all life savers. I’m already making a new list of things I should have done years ago because I know they will get it done, and get done right. Not to mention fast and affordable!


Kelly is instrumental especially when we are away for long periods of time. She coordinates our mail and facilitates deliveries…no task is too big, or too small! Kelly employs the same attention to detail whether she is processing bank documents for me, packing up my son’s snowboard gear or helping with a flat tire. We have called on Kelly to help with everything from holiday decorating to attic clean out. She has all kinds of tricks for organizing — and helped us expunge old files. Kelly has great energy and has always been reliable. It is a pleasure working with Kelly. She and Brooke will make a dynamic duo!


Today we had a traveling moment that as a parent, sends you through the roof. We were two hours into our four hour drive when our daughter realized she had left her bag on the front porch of our house, the bag with her computer, charger, book etc. All I could think was “well you’re 14 and you won’t have those things for four days- natural consequences” until she told me her contacts and glasses were in that bag…. it’s not appropriate to repeat what I was thinking at that point but I was seeing red! KCL802 saved the day. They stopped by the house and put the bag in a safe place so it wouldn’t get soaked in the inevitable rain and took the glasses and contacts to the UPS store to make sure my daughter can actually see her vacation! KCL802 FOR THE WIN!!!